Saving the planet one binky at a time [funny]

This morning, as a footnote to Earth Day yesterday, I received the following in an email from a colleague who knows I have kids:

ideal bite's eco pacifiers

ideal bite's eco pacifiers

While I’m all about “saving the planet,” I’ve come up with a much better solution that I’ve used for years and that I think I’ll bring to market soon. Tell me what you think…


The “Totally Healthy Ultra-Mega Binky”

Have kids and concerned about the environment? Need an eco-friendly alternative to mass-produced pacifiers? Then this is the perfect solution for you!



The “THUMB” has been designed to meet the needs of you and your child. It has been carefully designed to be reusable infinite times without degradation in its quality. Compared to most pacifier alternatives, the THUMB is made of all-natural materials, is ultra-portable and completely biodegradable.

The THUMB is also personalized – free! – for your child. And it’s unique technology allows it to grow with your child, adapting to her needs through the years.

But wait, the THUMB has other uses, too! Whether you want to recreate the classic “Fonz” thumbs-up sign, signal that you want to hitchhike, or learn American Sign Language, you’ll find nearly infinite uses for the THUMB.

Act now and you’ll receive a detailed guide showing you how you can start your child’s THUMB today! For only $19.99, this guide details the proper uncurling and insertion of the thumb as a pacifying device completely free of BPAs and all other artificial materials.


One comment

  1. Sue-Ann · April 30, 2009

    This is terrific! what a super article. If only parents had been given the information and an offer (at such a reasonable price, I must add) years ago, so many crying children may have been comforted rather than left to restlessly sleep after hours of crying. We can only start from this point and be greatful that we are now aware of this body part can now be used to alleviate children’s fears and give comfort to those youngsters (and maybe some older?) who choose to take advantage of it.


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