The strangeness of social marketing passe

I’m as much about leveraging social media as any social media enthusiast, but I had an odd experience opening the mail the other day. As I rifled through the coupons, I snagged one for Baja Fresh, one of our favorite eats. And there, sandwiched between the locations and the coupons, was the following line:

“Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!”

At first, my reaction was “Cool! Baja Fresh is on board with social media!” But then I experienced a moment of mixed emotion as I realized how flippantly many brands are throwing around their social media presence. Especially after a brief search on Twitter revealed a couple of local franchise accounts, but no central “Baja Fresh” account. And there’s no mention of any social media presence anywhere I could find on What gives?

I think perhaps the mainstream media emphasis on engaging on sites like Twitter and Facebook might have some companies scrambling to “get on board.” But this strategy can only lead to embarassment as it is frail at best, as my simple experiment proved.

If you’re involved in initiating a “social media strategy” (or are helping a client do so), which is better: Get a small presence in order to not fall behind the competition or stay away until you can fully invest in it?

For those who wonder where “mrmerlot” has been the past month or so, I’ve been taking care of my family after welcoming our latest addition on June 30. Our newest baby girl joined her three sisters and the whole family is doing well. Now that the dust has settled, I’m able to get back into the social media flow again!

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