How far does $2.00 go these days? [motivation]

I realized on my commute in this morning that my perspective on $2.00 is greatly skewed. On the one hand, I spend $2.50 every day in tolls to and from work. This is simply for the convenience of avoiding the (more) overcrowded alternate highways.

On the other hand, I get choked up when I’m about to spend $1.99 on an iPod Touch application – an app, mind you, that will, in most cases, provide hours of entertainment to either me or one of my children. I know this because a few of the pay-for apps I’ve gotten have indeed provided priceless hours of distraction (please, don’t start lecturing me about being a “digital dad” – I know it, I embrace it!).

So why, with the daily expenses in tolls I incur, do I pause when I’m about to purchase digital goods? It can’t be the lack of substance,  because a toll and my commute are certainly as intangible as the bits that make up an iPhone app. Or is it the guilt of luxury of purchasing a game that will provide mindless activity?

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