Find your liked items in Google Reader

I use Google Readera lot – and recently I’ve found that I’m taking greater advantage of the “like” and “share” functions. As I understand it, like is basically a “thumbs up,” whereas share lists that post in the Reader accounts of those following you. Cool.

But I realized today that I had no idea how to retrieve the items I had liked or shared. After some Googling, I found the answer that I share with you now…

Expand your All items

Click “Your stuff”

When you click Your stuff, you’ll see the following show up in the main panel:

If you click the “You liked ## items” link, it will reveal all of the posts you marked as liked.

Share anything

While it’s not exactly relevant to this topic, you should also note the “Note in Reader” bookmarklet that you can add to your browser’s bookmark toolbar. When clicked, this will allow you to share any web page via Google Reader – for example, with your network of followers (in Google Reader) or using third-party applications and plugins (like the one I use on this site to republish my shared items).

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