Cleaning up your Friends and Fans in Facebook [tutorial]

In a previous post I detailed how to go about setting your Facebook privacy settings. A question I received from someone who went through that post was “How do I quickly view and edit the people I’ve friended and pages I’ve become a fan of?”

That leads us to today’s post: How to quickly unfriend people and unfan pages in Facebook.

The truth is that Facebook hides this (intentionally or not) very helpful function. To access your list of Friends and Pages, select the Edit Friends option in your Account drop-down menu in the upper right:

Next, select either Friends or Pages under the “Lists” heading on the left navigation menu (for this tutorial, I chose Pages, though the page listing your Friends works the same way):

Finally, to delete the page, simply click the X. You can also add the page to a list of individuals you’d like to be able to know that you’re a fan of that page. (Note: I tried this and it didn’t seem to work. Hence why I’m not devoting more attention to it here.)

I mentioned lists/groups in my previous post and I’d be willing to expand on this idea if someone asks…

Happy Facebooking! Let me know in the comments if this helps!

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