A stirring talk from a 12-year-old [TED video]

If you’re anything like me, this 8-minute talk by 12-year-old Adora Svitak will have you smiling for a while. Her talk is insightful and strikingly articulate as well as humorous and down-to-earth. I hesitate to use other adjectives like “precocious” for fear I’ll belittle this child prodigy’s poise and intelligence, but Adora’s effervescent personality and enthusiasm continually reminded me of how the sheer freedom of a young mind empowers her to dream big.

After you watch the video, I suggest reading her blog, paying special attention to her Twitter feed. One recent post had her gently correcting her mom on proper texting etiquette (and her distaste of grammatical shortcuts).  And it should come as no surprise that Adora is homeschooled. I just can’t imagine a school that could challenge and contain such a mind!


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