What motivates you? Dan Pink knows and this video will blow your mind!

Dan Pink, author of such awesome books as A Whole New Mind and The Adventures of Johnny Bunko, released his latest book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us in which he lays out research about how the modern knowledge worker is motivated. Countering traditional models that emphasize compensation and bonus structures, Pink argues that as long as someone is getting paid fairly, what truly “drives” them to produce more or better are three things:

  • Autonomy: To have control over my work.
  • Mastery: To get better at my work.
  • Purpose: To be part of something bigger.

While the book itself still rests comfortably on my bookshelf (along with scores of other to-read brethren), I found two videos in which Pink outlines the gist of his findings. The first is a TED conference talk in which he talks in his characteristically engaging and animated style. (Read more after the jump)

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