Bait & switch: Microsoft’s free new (lame) cybersecurity ebook for teens

Microsoft, you disappoint me.

I was very excited to come across this post from Lifehacker today announcing a Microsoft’s free cybersecurity ebook. Hooked by the cover graphics (admit it, you are, too!) and reading that it was geared for teens, I quickly followed the link to see how I could begin to share this resource to all my friends and colleagues.

Too bad it was a massive bait-and-switch.

You see, while the cover shows a nicely drawn comic – seemingly promising the same inside the book – the book itself is pages….and pages…and pages….

…of TEXT.

Sure, there’s an occasional sketch thrown in, but I think Microsoft missed a huge opportunity to reach their target audience. Instead of using an engaging comic book (sorry, “graphic novel”) format, they defaulted to what so many critics of PowerPoint bemoan: a mind-numbing enormous tome consisting of text and bullets.

Admittedly, I’ve only skimmed the first chapter, but even that leads me to the conclusion that it’s written for someone with very limited web experience and enjoys reading endless pages of text combined with what seems to be a fairly condescending storyline.

If it isn’t obvious by now, I won’t be sharing this resource beyond this post.

If you happen to like the ebook, however, I’d like to know why in the comments!

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