Create interactive history activities using media from the National Archives

The National Archives recently launched the site that currently houses over 3,000 historical documents, photos, and videos. Besides the media, however, the site also allows anyone to create interactive activities that make use of all those media. See the video below for a brief example of a Lewis & Clark activity I found interesting (no audio).

According to the GCN article, documents include “George Washington’s draft of the Constitution, the canceled check to pay for Alaska, pilot Chuck Yeager’s notes on the first supersonic flight made by him, and President Richard Nixon’s resignation letter.”

The activity section of the site boasts an impressive array of templates and even includes a filter for learning objectives such as “comprehension” and “chronological thinking.”

Once you’ve created an activity, you can share it publicly, allowing anyone to reuse your resource.

The possibilities for teachers at all levels (including us homeschoolers) is nearly endless. I look forward to seeing more activities and media added to the site.

How can you envision using this, either for yourself, your kids, or your students?

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