As one social bookmarking service fades away, another gladly takes up the reins!

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This past week, many tech media outlets reported that the social bookmarking service was going away (see here for example). They based the story on a leaked internal Yahoo! presentation showing delicious in a “sunset” column (sunset is the IT project management term for retiring a technology). After a huge outcry from loyal delicious users, the delicious blog posted the following:

…we are not shutting down Delicious. While we have determined that there is not a strategic fit at Yahoo!, we believe there is a ideal home for Delicious outside of the company where it can be resourced to the level where it can be competitive…

This seems like a paltry attempt to try and retain users in the hopes they can salvage some market worth for whomever is considering acquiring the service. On the other hand, since Yahoo! acquired the service, no real innovation has been made, so sticking with the site may be good for users.

Unfortunately, I don’t think many will stay around.

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