Diigo vs. Delicious: Social bookmarking cage match

The last post on mrmerlot.com explained the apparent demise of the Yahoo!-owned delicious.com social bookmarking service. As a popular alternative to delicious, Diigo.com experienced a mass influx of new users (the author included), requiring them to make system upgrades to meet the demand.

While this delayed the importing of users’ delicious bookmarks for nearly a week, Diigo’s upgraded service now means new converts can import their delicious bookmarks in under an hour.

While it doesn’t seem imperative that users jump the delicious ship, here’s what you need to know if you’re considering moving to Diigo.

I’ve used delicious since 2007, when I was introduced to both the concept of social bookmarking and the site itself by some colleagues. As my first foray into social bookmarking (and one of my first adventures in social media), I have been a heavy and loyal user since signing up. However, I have also noticed a distinct lack of new features.

Diigo, on the other hand, offers a number of features beyond the obvious ability to save web bookmarks. The site allows you to save the actual web page annotated with your notes. These highlights are limited to 1000 per year for free account users.

For unlimited highlighting and cached page, some users may find it worth upgrading to the Basic account for $20/year.

Integration with various platforms is another strength of Diigo. The Chrome extension and Android app stand head and shoulders above the delicious equivalents. And, while creative developers offered half-baked extensions to enable posting bookmarked webpages to Twitter or Facebook, Diigo offers these features natively.

The only con to Diigo – and it’s fairly significant – is the inability to sort bookmarks. While the Diigo development team is aware of the issue and seems to be working on it, it’s a seemingly fundamental feature that was overlooked. So beware if you import bookmarks from delicious: all of your initial bookmarks for a given tag will be sorted oldest first, while new bookmarks are added to the top of the list (starting before the oldest imported bookmark).

And, for users still on the fence (myself included), Diigo also offers a setting to automatically cross-save bookmarks to delicious.

If you join Diigo, follow me at mrmerlot.

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