Stand-out Superbowl commercials offer engaging stories

As it has for the past several years, the 2011 Superbowl XLV was half sports event, half commercial showcase. And, while some sponsors relied on celebrity cameos (for no apparent reason) or simply fell flat, the most memorable centered around creative and engaging storylines. In no particular order, the following were ranked as the best of the Superbowl commercials by

Doritos: So good they may create the zombie apocalypse

Pepsi: The secret is out about what guys primarily think about

Bud Light: Dog really is man’s best friend

Bridgestone: This email horror hilarity is based on a true story

Volkswagen: How to have fun with your child’s overactive imagination

Kia: The ultimate one-upmanship

While all of these are easily remembered and talked about on Monday morning, it would be interesting to study how many viewers remember the product being advertised. Doritos, Pepsi Max, and Bud Light clearly have their product spotlighted during the “denouement” of their respective ads. Others – namely the Kia “Epic” ad and Volkswagen’s adorable “Darth Vader” ad – are perhaps more remembered for the storyline and not the product.

Which ads were your favorite?

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