Wednesday quarterback: Super Bowl XLV commercial losers

This week featured posts on the “best of” Super Bowl ads as well as the runners-up. In this final chapter, the truly stand-out losers are critiqued and lampooned.

Some ads you fondly remember for years. Some you forget seconds after you watch them. And some are remembered even though you want to forget them.

Put aside the strange etrade talking baby spots, the meaningless ads, and the offensive-yet-underpromising godaddy commercials. Those were bad. But the ads featured here were so twisted and offensive that no exec  should have approved them. But they did. So for your viewing horror, presents the worst of the worst ads from the game.

Groupon: Screw the world’s problems, we’re capitalists and loving it

Starting out with the worst of the worst, Groupon shocked the world with its seemingly tasteless spots. Groupon is a tour de force in the deals world, but the two videos shown during the game were incredibly insensitive (even though theexecs claim to have had good intentions).

Pepsi Max: Love means an abusive, controlling relationship

I don’t even care that this was a user-submitted video, the message of a stereotypical controlling relationship should leave a bad taste in the mouth of anyone who knows what a real relationship looks like.

Chevy Cruze Eco: Because making fun of the elderly helps sell cars

The first line of the spot is funny, then it degrades into shameless condescension about the effects of growing old. An American car maker trying to convince the market to buy a new domestic subcompact offering should involve more talking about the car and less poking fun at the grandparents of the target audience.

Motorola Xoom tablet: Down with the man! (and your life savings!)

It’s not so much the ad (which is kinda cool), but what they don’t tell you: Motorola has decided to price the uber-cool Xoom tablet at $800 and will force customers to get a data plan with Verizon, perhaps even just temporarily to “unlock” the wifi feature. Lame for consumers and for the flagship Android tablet.

Snickers: Who doesn’t like to laugh at washed-up celebrities?

Like some “where are they now” documentary, this ad manages to scavenge three former celebrities in an attempt to… well, it’s not really apparent what the point of this ad really is. C’mon Snickers, you don’t need dumb advertising to keep selling your delicious wares to chubby Americans of all ages!

Sony Xperia: If we creep you out enough, will you buy our new phone?

If they had just started at the :51 second mark, the commercial would have been awesome. As it is, I had chills up my spine from the portrayal of a poor Android being mutilated by some sadistic back alley doctor.

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