Use Feedfliks for advanced Netflix account management

If you’re not a Netflix subscriber, you either don’t watch movies or you enjoy endlessly browsing the local movie rental place for DVDs (that ultimately aren’t available) and racing the clock to return it before late fees start to accrue. For the rest of us, the mail-order and streaming movie service has risen to become a staple of media consumption.

Yet, despite an impressive DVD collection, an improving streaming catalog available from TiVo DVRs, many Blu-ray players, and iOS devices, the options for managing your media queue are underwhelming.

Enter Feedfliks, a companion site that fills in nearly all of the gaps of account management. Offering a full-featured free account option as well as a paid premium account option, Feedfliks gives you a data-rick peek into your account as well as email alerts.

Your dashboard lets you see if you’re getting the most out of your account. This can help you decide to go with a cheaper account (2 versus 3 discs out at a time, for example) or encourage you to return your DVDs more quickly.

The dashboard also includes information about your Netflix account you can’t otherwise access such as:

  • Which DVDs you previously “saved” are now available. Typically, these are new releases which you can then bump to the top of the queue (something Netflix should offer to do automatically but doesn’t)
  • Which of your streaming titles has already expired or is about to do so. A huge pet peeve of many users is when they pull up their streaming queue to watch a title only to realize it’s missing (usually due to poor licensing agreements).
  • Conversely, which of your DVDs is currently streamable. Besides failing to warn you that a title can no longer be streamed, Netflix also fails to alert you when a title becomes available in that format.

What’s more, you can set up your Feedfliks account to send out email notifications of many of the above features as well as helpful reminders such as when you’ve had a DVD at home for a specified number of days.

While I’d continue to be a loyal Netflix subscriber without Feedfliks, the service helps me get much more out of my account.

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