Some tech tips you might find useful

Ever since Boingboing reported on a Google study that revealed many computer users don’t know basic commands like Ctrl-F (it activates the search – or “Find” – feature in most applications), everyone seems to be jumping on the idea. As a technology trainer, it seems only natural for me to offer my own tips of Windows keyboard shortcuts that many in my classes find very useful.

In no particular order, these are my favorite “power user” tricks…

Windows tricks

  • Alt+Tab switches between open windows
    • In Windows 7, an even cooler option is Windows+Tab which rotates between a 3D palette of open windows.
  • Windows+M minimizes all open windows (pressing it again restores the minimized windows in XP)
  • Windows+Left arrow (or right arrow) snaps the current window to the left (or right) side of the screen. Windows+Up arrow maximizes the window.
  • Windows+L locks the machine (for those in business environments that need to lock before walking away from their desk)

Firefox tricks

(Note: these often work in other web browsers as well)
  • Ctrl+F open the find/search window (simply start typing to use the “quickfind” feature)
  • Ctrl+K jumps to the search box (Ctrl-E if using Chrome)
  • Ctrl+”Plus” increases page magnification, Ctrl+”minus” reduces the page magnification, Ctrl+0 resets to the default

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