Two books show kids that they are special

Lately, I’ve been striking gold in the children’s section of our local library (if you haven’t been to your local library recently, I highly suggest you give it a try!). The following are two heartwarming stories that reinforce the valuable contributions every person has to offer, no matter how young.
Little Wolf’s Song. Anyone who has grown up trying to catch up to older siblings will feel the message in this story. Little Wolf would love to howl like the rest of his family, but he can’t. What’s worse, his siblings taunt him for it. Despite reassurance from his parents, it’s not until Little Wolf gets lost in the snowy woods at night that he finds his howl. This is a story about not giving up and waiting for the right opportunity to find your true talents.


Brewster the Rooster. Something is wrong with the family rooster and he’s creating havoc for the entire family. After little Julie realizes that he needs glasses, everything becomes much clearer! Told in hilarious poetic rhyme, this book combines vivid engaging illustrations with a message that sometimes answers come from the littlest family members and to not give up looking for solutions to a problem!

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