An unlikely story of survival and collaboration

When she was just 22, Ramona Pierson went for a jog with her dog. Thanks to a drunk driver, that would be the last “normal” thing she’d do for over a decade.

Tangled in the wheels of the drunk’s car, her body mangled in multiple ways, bystanders were able to help Pierson hang on to a thin thread of life. She then spent the next 18 months in a coma, endured multiple surgeries to reconstruct nearly her entire body and emerged unable to see, eat, or speak. Discharged from the hospital to a senior center, a community of dedicated seniors invested themselves in her recovery.

Miraculously, Pierson regained the ability to eat, talk, walk, and thanks to the wonders of technology, ten years later she recovered sight in one eye due to an experimental surgery. Her story is remarkable in every conceivable way.

The only aspect of Pierson’s talk that disappoints is that she’s only given the typical 12 minutes of a TED talk. I would have greatly appreciated hearing much, much more of her remarkable story. [Videos after the jump.]

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