A life story worth retelling: A Million Miles by Don Miller

Don Miller is one of the best nontraditional “Christian” authors of our age. His books speak candidly about the Christian life in essays that are readable and relatable. A Million Miles is Miller’s story of rediscovering his passions and overcoming writer’s block. Ironically, it also tells the story of his former failed movie venture, which has since turned into a smashing success.

Watch the video for more on one of Miller’s most popular books.

What story are you telling? from Rhetorik Creative on Vimeo.

Tuesday quarterback: Super Bowl XLV commercial runner-ups

Yesterday’s post featured a review of the Super Bowl ads rated best by mrmerlot.com. Today, we look at the runner-ups.

The Super Bowl XLV ads that won mrmerlot.com’s “best of” rating needed no explanation since the quality of the story and message was enough to prove their worth. This second string of nine ads certainly has plenty of quality comedic delivery. But in an age of commercial-free Tivo and online streaming media viewing, getting 30 seconds to woo a consumer is golden. So while these product ads were good, the storyline in each left something to be desired.

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Wednesday quarterback: Super Bowl XLV commercial losers

This week mrmerlot.com featured posts on the “best of” Super Bowl ads as well as the runners-up. In this final chapter, the truly stand-out losers are critiqued and lampooned.

Some ads you fondly remember for years. Some you forget seconds after you watch them. And some are remembered even though you want to forget them.

Put aside the strange etrade talking baby spots, the meaningless chatter.com ads, and the offensive-yet-underpromising godaddy commercials. Those were bad. But the ads featured here were so twisted and offensive that no exec  should have approved them. But they did. So for your viewing horror, mrmerlot.com presents the worst of the worst ads from the game.

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Is anybody reading this? Tweak your WordPress home page to get better traffic data. [Part 2 of 2]

This is part two of a two-part series on improving WordPress blog traffic statistics. In Part 1 I explained how to set the RSS feed settings to drive users from an RSS reader to your site. In Part 2, I explain how to use the “more” tag in WordPress to drive users from your home page to the specific post.

Many WordPress blogs are set up to show a few to dozens of full posts on the blog’s home page.  This seemingly makes it easier for readers to read the last several posts without adding another “click” to dig deeper into the site.

But if a user scans through the posts, reading some and ignoring others, there is no way to indicate which posts he found useful. By tweaking your WordPress home page, you can dramatically improve your website traffic statistics.

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Is anybody reading this? Tweak WordPress RSS settings to get better traffic data. [Part 1 of 2]

This is part one of a two-part series on improving WordPress blog traffic statistics.

If you blog for any reason beyond self-reflection (i.e., talking to yourself), you’re probably interested in how many readers you get. You may be a professional blogger looking to gather data to garner sponsors or advertisers or you may blog on a social enterprise platform and are looking to “demonstrate an ROI” for your blogging efforts (these are the folks I work with). Either way, one simple tweak of the WordPress subscription (RSS) settings can dramatically improve your website traffic statistics.

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